Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No School!!

No school- Yeah! I got to stay home and play today. I was in a wintry mood so I used the technique that Tim Holtz demonstrated on his blog today! I also chose similar colors and the design that he used on today's tag. The techniques have been very inspirational and fun to try. Here is the tag I made today.

We had another round of ice/snow mix. I was feeling adventurous and went outdoors to take a few photos. I love the beauty created by this storm, but I was sooooo glad I didn't have to travel in it. I saw a lot of car slipping and sliding down the street. It was bad enough just walking around trying to get a few pics.

There are a lot of people without power, fortunately we are not one of them. I was able to talk with my mom earlier and she is without power in Oklahoma and may continue to be without power for the next few days. On top of it they are expecting another round of freezing rain tonight. Hopefully this bad weather will pass and the power will be restored.

Stay safe and warm.