Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Few Photos

Just sharing a few photos..... The first is a pic of a lightening strike as we were traveling through Colorado- the first one I have ever managed to capture on film and it was completely by accident. It's not a great photo, but I still think it's cool, lol.

This weekend was Thomas' birthday and he had a whole schedule written out for us to follow on his special day, lol! McDonalds for lunch and a yummy chocolate cake with Team Spy Gear Rules written on the top were part of the fun.

Thomas thought it was hilarious to give Ronald McDonald bunny ears, lol.

Thomas decided to sit down while Dad was still lighting his candles, but didn't like the fire so close to him.

Yummy cake!!

Now that the flooding seems to have subsided, we ventured out to the Saylorville Spillway. The overflow of water created a whole new gorge and wiped out the road it crossed. It's quite amazing how much force water can have. (One of these days I will have to dig out the photos of what it looked like before and do a comparison.)

This is the beginning of the gorge across the street from where the emergency spillway sits. You can see part of the broken roadway, too.

It's amazing that these two trees survived all the water rushing over them!!

Some trees weren't so fortunate.

This is part of the road that the water washed away. Since the road is closed I couldn't get any closer than this.

All around the lake you can see how high the water was- bare trees and hills that were once covered in grass and shrubs bear the mark of this flood.

We also stopped by the Butterfly Garden before heading home. It was in full bloom and many insects were a buzz.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!!