Monday, August 18, 2008

Just checking in and posting a few photos from our weekend. We have had a beautiful full moon the past couple of nights. I decided to try & photograph it and managed to capture the photo below:

I registered the girls for school today. While I was there I took a few photos. The 1st is the front of the building with our school name. The others are one of the cool old brick patterns and a couple of windows in the building. I can't believe they start school on Thursday! I wish I had more time with them.

We also went to the Butterfly Garden at Saylorville Lake. The insects were a buzz everywhere.

This wasp managed to overtake this spider, drag it through the bush, and then tried to fly away with it! The spider was too heavy and wasp dropped it on the ground. The spider was alive but barely moving. I thought I would take the opportunity to get a spider close-up. After a couple of shots the wasp came back and ran right into my head!! I startled my husband and kids because they have never seen me scream and run during an insect photo shoot, lol!

On our way back to the car we found this little guy trying to drag this much larger beetle across the trail!

Before we headed home I managed to get a few shots of the kiddos and hubby, too. My husband is wearing his 'I am up to no good' smile, lol.

I also found this lock and peeling paint to photograph- fun!

Have a great week!!


ricanlaw said...

Lady, I'm gonna say you are brave force. I say that cause I do not like bugs, am afraid of them, so now way no how will I take such amazing close up and gorgeous photographs. Bless you. I enjoyed them and the photos of your family as well. Thanks for sharing.