Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Cold Outside, Baby!

I can't believe how cold it is today. When I checked the weather this morning just before 9a.m., it was -16 degrees and with the windchill it was -37. Brrrr! They even cancelled school because of the extreme temperatures. Temperatures Des Moines hasn't seen in 12 years. One of our local news stations, KCCI, did a story on the frigid weather. My poor husband had to go to work, but the kids and I stayed indoors to keep warm. My kids have been wishing it was warm enough to go to the beach today, lol. I wish it was, too. My youngest daughter collects sea shells, sand dollars, etc., and wanted me to take a picture of the newest addition to her collection. I played around with my macro lens and took this photo of the front of her sand dollar.

This is definately the closest we will get to a beach today, lol. Have a great day and stay warm.


Anonymous said...

great shot. It is awful cold here in Chicago too. No school today!!!

Linnao said...

Great picture. But I don't know what a sand dollar is ;-) Stay warm!

Kelly said...

I hope things are warming up for you... It was 20 here today and I was a baby complaining LOL

Nice texture captured

janett said...

Cool shot! No beach here in Denver either! :)