Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here. Here's a quick rundown of events (warning: photo heavy).

Lisa celebrated her 9th birthday. She is looking so grown up, I can't believe she's 9 already. Where does the time go!?! Until the end of March Lisa & Jordan are both 9 (they are 10 months apart). When they were younger (and before Jordan had a growth spurt) they used to pretend to be twins. I am glad they enjoy being so close together in age.
The girls had their Valentine's parties at school the Friday before Valentine's Day. Mindi with her lion she made at the party.
Jordan enjoying treats at her party.
Artwork courtesy of Jordan used to help decorate her room for the party.
3 of my beautiful Valentine's.
Thomas and Lisa performed at the Des Moines Public Schools Piano Festival on Valentine's Day. They each played scales and one song. Thomas played Pumpkin Boogie & Lisa played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
All four kids after Thomas' perforance. We had over an hour between their performances.
This is Thomas' ribbon. He earned a I, which rated his performance as excellent. Becuase Lisa is still an elementary school student, she is not graded, but a judge makes notes about her performance & she received a purple ribbon for playing at the festival. Both Thomas and Lisa played wonderfully. We are very proud of them!
My husband bought me the Epson R1900 wide format printer. Photos print beautifully and I also love that I can easily add computer jornaling to my larger 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.
Thursday, Jordan's 4th grade class went ot the Civic Center to see The Phantom Tollbooth. I was fortunate enough to attend as one of the chaperones. A wonderful performance, the kids really seemed to enjoy it.

Hopefully things will start to slow down for a bit and can get some scrapbooking pages done. I went to Archiver's yesterday and I just loved all the new products and sales they had. I picked up some fuzzy chipboard letters, some great stamp sets, & bind it all coils- all on sale- can't beat that! I also picked up one of the new BoBunny Edgy albums and a few of their new papers- I can't wait to put together a cute little album with all these fun new things!


Sharon said...

Beautiful captures! Beautiful kids!

Angela2932 said...

Wow! You have been busy! I remember those piano books. . . my own kids used the same when they were little. All your children are beautiful!

KRISTIE said...

And I thought I have been busy :) The party looks like it was a hit!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

Your kids are adorable! :) Keep warm over in Iowa~

Steph said...

You have been super busy! The phantom toolbooth ... I totally remember that book. What a flashback!

Jodar said...

What a great run down of your busy lives. Congrats to your kids for their piano successes.

Reds said...

You have been busy!! Beautiful kids and congrats on your kids for the piano recitals!

emily said...

The photos of your kids are beautiful! Their facial expressionas and everything!