Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365- Week 2

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am sharing my 365 pictures from this week.

Thomas has a book talk project every six weeks in his Language Arts class. They have to make bookmarks, movies posters, etc. This time he made a book jacket. The back cover and inside flaps have a summary, criticisms of the book, etc. The front cover has to be decorated. He used my Silhouette machine for everything except for the cliff.

We put a new floor in my craftroom today. Doug broke one of his hammers and Mindi was not happy about it so she grabbed some duct tape and put it back together, lol. She was so proud of herself.

My husband took me to Michaels as part of my birthday. I found these cute stamps (and lots of other goodies, lol) and can't wait to play with them.

This is how much snow is on top of my picnic table outside my back door. They are saying we have actually gotten just over 7 inches since yesterday and it is still snowing so we are going to get a bit more. It turned out to be a very interesting morning for us, lol. Des Moines Public Schools don't often close for weather like this so my husband took my oldest son to Brody as usual. I received a text message from our local news station saying our schools had closed so I checked their website to confirm the closing. I called my husband to let him know and he went inside to get Thomas. The teachers said they hadn't heard from downtown and this didn't sound right so he waited their in case he needed to bring Thomas home. I checked KCCI's website again and the closing listing for our schools was gone. I talked with a friend and we decided we should get the other kids to schools since it seemed to be a mistake. By this time my other daughter was going to be late to Gateway. I told them to grab their coats so we could get the 2 youngest to Park Avenue on time. My husband calls back and tells me the principal said that KCCI had make a mistake in the closing and he is heading back to get Jordan. We walked through all the snow and got the youngest 2 to school on time ( thank goodness we only live a block away from the elementary school) and met my husband at Park Avenue so he could get Jordan and drop her off on his way to work. She was late, but the schools aren't counting kids as tardy due to the mix up. Never a dull day around here, lol.

Jordan keeps making these "snugglies", lol. Squishable, lovable, funky, and fun, lol.

Mindi is working on timelines at school and next week they will work on a timeline about their life. We had to find a picture to represent each year of her life. She chose birthday photos. We decided it would be fun to take a picture of her holding the photos she chose to represent the first 8 years of her life.

Mindi had a playdate with her friend Morgan. They painted canvas, crafted, played on the Wii, and ate chocolate. It was a fun afternoon.

Stay warm and have a great day!