Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brass Armadillo

Sunday afternoon I went with my husband and kids to the Brass Armadillo, another antiques and collectibles store. I found a few more fun little goodies. Another window for $5.00, it has two large panes of glass and is in much better shape than the other one I have. I bought a couple of vintage jars full of spools of thread and other vintage sewing goodies, a vintage camera with the bulb still in the flash unit (I just love these old cameras), and a few old keys, spoons, and various pieces of hardware for some future altered art and scrapbooking projects. I also bought a few record albums. My mother-in-law recived a 30 year old turn table from a friend and she gave it to us! When my kids first saw the records (no, they had never seen a record or record player before) they thought they were large cds. One of the girls said, "Mom, how are those big cds going to fit inside the cd player?" LOL!! It can be very fun (and humorous) finding these vintage goodies with the kids. Here are a few pics of my new goodies.

Have a great day!!