Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Week in Review

Hello, I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend is going well, and after the wonderful week I had I really can't complain. I still can't believe I won the contest that Simple Scrapbooks Magazine hosted. Everyone did such a great job with each weeks assignments, the layouts were beautiful. You can see every one's work and get more info at the contest blog. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!
I must have a winning streak going because I also won a prize from the Making Memories blog. They wanted feedback on how scrapbookers were using their products. I left a comment and was the lucky winner of that drawing. They sent me this beautiful FaLaLa collection, and yes, EVERYTHING you see in this picture! Thank you Making Memories!!
I had a good time with the Halloween Whimsy Jar Swap at Two Peas. It was so much fun shopping and decorating my jar for Hope! This is the wonderful jar and goodies I received from her. I can't believe it's all for me!
She also created this spooky card and treat bags for my kiddos. She was so thoughtful! The decoration with the skull was actually the top of the jar she decorated. When she shipped the box it was too big to fit so she had to take it apart. My husband thought it was a cool decoration and he and the kids added it to our holiday decor before we realized it was meant to be the top of the jar, lol.
OK, enough about me. How about a few pics of the kiddos. Thomas received this skateboard for his birthday. This particular board only has 2 wheels, so it is a bit trickier to ride. He has been practicing the wave motion in his room, but didn't have a chance to until this week to try it outdoors. He seems to have the motion down, but he still needs to work on his balance a bit.
Meanwhile, Jordan is doing what she loves to do- explore the insect world. This girl is totally obsessed with bugs. Last year her third grade teacher even let her bring home the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches after the class was done studying them. Yes, we have Cockroaches for pets. She is just lucky we love her so much, lol.
While the other kids were doing their own thing this one was just having fun being silly. Look how she goes from this sweet adorable girl to a total goofball, lol.

This last picture isn't one of my kiddos, lol, but I did find it hanging around the kids school. Thank goodness Jordan didn't see it on her way in or she may not have made it to class on time. I don't know what type of spider it is, but I love the colors, they are perfect for Halloween.
That's about all the news I have for this week. I am going to start on my Week in the Life photos tomorrow (Check out Ali's blog for more info). I already have my album put together, I just need the photos to go in it. I was kind of backwards and did the album first, but I was having fun and just went with it. Hopefully I will have time to blog a bit more this week and share my daily photos. Have a great week!


Lorie said...

LUCKY!! Enjoy your goodies!