Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jordan & the Monkey Hat

I just popped in to share a few photos of my daughter that made me smile. Jordan is usally so quiet and shy, but she can be so silly and goofy sometimes and I love that about her. She chose this monkey hat for Winter and it brought out the sillies in her and a photo opportunity for me, lol.

I love having fun with my kiddos and playing photographer at the same time. If these made you laugh or smile as much as they did for me, you can see more photos (oh yes, there are more, lol) on my Flickr or Facebook:

I have been working on a Halloween mini album and had to wait for my Two Peas order to come in so I could finish it. I just got it this afternoon and can't wait to get working on my mini again. I also just finished up with Spawn of a True Scrap and I am on inspiration overload, lol. I hope everyone is having a wonderfully scrappy weekend, too. Thanks for stopping by!