Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fun on the Fourth

We had a lot of fun on the fourth and hope everyone else did, too! We decided to grill our dinner, so we had the kids shuck the corn (after lots of begging from them to help) for us in the morning. They had to work hard to get all the husks off, but they had so much fun!

Grandma came to celebrate with us later in the afternoon. We took the kids outdoors and lots of family fun together. Thomas and Jordan loved playing catch and made a great effort and a few funny faces while doing it, LOL! They also made sidewalk picture with chalk, had fun blowing bubbles, played with the hula hoop, and lots more. Even Grandma got hopping with Mindi and the Skip-it toy, LOL! Later we went inside to cool off and played a few games of darts as well.

After dinner we decided to let the kids use some of the sparklers even though it wasn't dark outside. Grandma was taking Lisa to spend a couple of days with her they needed to get going. Mindi and Lisa seemed somewhat afraid to do anything except stand there and watch the sparklers in their outstretched hands. Thomas and Jordan are older and more confident that they weren't going to burn themselves and were more willing to twirl and play with them. Especially after it got dark. I was able to capture a few pics of them twirling them in the dark. They aren't the greatest pics, but they are still fun to look at. I also took a couple of pics of my red, white, and blue girls. So fun to dress them like this especially when they are so willing to go along with it.

Some years we go to see the fireworks and other years we stay at home and let the kids use sparklers. This year we decided to stay at home instead of trying to push through the crowds and craziness that come with seeing the fireworks show. Usually we can't view any of the fireworks from our house, but this year they apparently held one of the displays in a different location and we were thrilled to discover we could view them from our yard! I didn't expect this so I didn't have my tripod ready or have time to set it up. I decided to take a few shots of the fireworks anyway. They aren't the greatest photos, but i liked a few of them and was glad I tried.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!