Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good day and getting their vote in. I'm just checking in with a few photos from this week.

We went to Howell Pumpkin Patch this year and it turned out to be one of the coolest days yet and the winds were blowing with gusts of 60-80 mph! That didn't stop us or the many other that turned out for a weekend of pumpkin pickin' and fun.

Mindi in the corn maze.
The kids and some of the large pumpkins on display.
Mindi and Lisa sliding down the hay bales.
Mindi sliding down the tube slide.
All the kids coming down the slide together.
Jordan buried in the corn.
We had a great time trick-or-treating. The weather was perfect and unseasonably warm- no jackets required. The kids were pleased with their costumes and haul of goodies this year and I was pleased that I got to take lots of photos.

Lisa is our "Devine" Devil- doesn't she play the devil part well, lol.
Mindi decided she was a Fairy Ballerina and gave me her most graceful pose.
Jordan dressed as a witch this year- a Glamour Witch, not an ugly old witch, lol.
Complete with bat ring and witches broom.
Thomas was OB1 this year and tried to impress us with his light saber skills.
All four kids at the end of the night with their treats.
The beautiful weather continued into early this week and yesterday and we were able to get the kids outdoors to play in the leaves.

Thomas, Jordan, and Lisa had lots of fun throwing them into the air and watching them swirl back down to their feet.
Mindi in the glowing sunlight.
Jordan jumps into her pile of leaves.

The kids took turns burying each other in the leaves. This is Mindi buried up to her head.
All the kids had fun throwing leaves at each other.
I still haven't had time to photograph the layouts I worked on at the crop. Lots going on and another sick kid today. Hopefully I will get too it soon. Have a great day!